Performance Arabians

Breeding Horses of Distinction for Sport and Leisure   

Fully Licensed DEFRA approved A.I. Centre - fresh or chilled semen within the U.K. Our mares and stallions tested SCID and CA clear.  


    Performance Arabians, located in Scotland, U.K. We offer stallions at stud, dressage and sport horses for sale and private riding lessons. We are a fully licensed DEFRA approved A.I. Centre for all your breeding needs. We are a family owned stud breeding Purebred, Pinto (or colored) and Palomino Arabians for sport and leisure. Our stallions and mares have been tested SCID and CA clear.

    Our stallions & progeny have been seen at most of the major shows throughout the United Kingdom, proving their excellent temperaments as well as their performance.

    Our Purebred Arabian stallion, Picasso Kossack, bred by Kossac Stud, is pure Russian by the former World Champion Kubinec. Our foundation Pinto Arab, TP Starbuck, imported from America, is by Black Tie, of Black Tie Arabians. Our Purebred Arab mares are Crabbet, Polish or Spanish bloodlines. Throw in a dash of Irish Draught for bone and American Saddlebred for color, and you have an eye catching sport horse with all the qualities and staying power of the Arabian. It's a winning combination.

    All our stallions have been carefully chosen for their beauty, conformation, stamina, agility, temperament and performance. We have imported from America, Canada and Europe a selection of Purebred, Pinto Arabians and National Show Horses. Over the past 20 years we have built a breeding programme from bloodlines with proven show and performance records. The result of this selective breeding programme are some of the finest Arabian bred Sports and Leisure horses.

   Performance Arabians has a superb collection of exotic, rare and unique Arabians. We started breeding coloured and palomino Arabians because they are so unique and eye catching. Whilst the white or 'Sabino' gene does exist in Pure bred Arabians (which lets horses such as Picaso Kossac to be registered as a colored horse in the U.K.), the Tobiano (or Pinto) color gene does not. Breeding quality horses is our first objective, color is a bonus.

    We stand our own cremello stallion, Roundhills Crystal King, at public stud for those interested in breeding Palominos. 'Obake', his stable name, at the age of 3 had his first foals on the ground by A.I. Any chestnut mare covered by a cremello will produce a palomino 100 % of the time, guaranteed.

   For more than 20 years our focus has been to produce Arabian Sport Horses which can compete and win in a wide range of disciplines. It takes years, patience, and determination to develop such a breeding programme. You have to be focused on what you want to achieve and not vere away from that. We never bred just for the sake of breeding, or to get color, but for a certain type of horse, with specific traits, that would excel in the show ring as well as having the ability to compete.

    We are proud of our horses and are glad to provide you with a biography, pedigree and photographs upon request. Visitors are welcome anytime by appointment. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

       Kent Pledger - Alan Girdwood

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Services offered :
    Stallions at Stud (standing to a limited number of visiting mares each year)
    A.I. and natural cover, stallion training
    Custom breeding progamme, mix and match from our stock, you choose the mare and stallion
        from our stock, we guarantee a live foal, delivered on weaning
    Working Student opportunities, private lessons, workshops and seminar


We would like to thank all our clients that have sent their mares to us, some of you have become good friends, many of you are repeat clients. Your friendship and support means more to us than words can express. THANK YOU for supporting us and helping us to continue to live our 'dreams'. Likewise, it gives us great pleasure knowing we have helped you live your dreams.


Lidsay Robertson FineArtPhotography

Photographs by Lindsay Robertson Equine Photography

Terry Kirkwood Artist

Terry Kirkwood Scottish Artist - watch her video as she talks about the horses that have inspired her work

Greer Ralston

Greer Ralston Fine Art



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Located in Scotland, UK, a small stud breeding
pure bred, anglo, part bred, pinto, tri coloured and palomino Arabians
for show and competition<br>
Stallions at stud, foals and young stock for sale - stallions on line,coloured,colored,pinto,pintabian,arab,arabian,tp starbuck, champagne,cremello,artist,kirkwook,ingliston,arabianlines

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Picasso Kossack

Purebred Arab

TP Starbuck


AKA Starbucks Champagne Star

Buckskin Pintarabian

Incandescent Flame


It's Showtyme

Palomino Pintarabian

Roundhills Crystal King

Cremello PB Arab

click on the link below to download a stud packet

Stud Packet you need Acrobat Reader to, save, print